Complex Commercial Disputes

In the litigation and arbitration world, most  "Corporate Disputes" are "commercial" in nature.  But, not all "Commercial Disputes" are also "Corporate Disputes".  Tom has a lengthy history of handling commercial disputes, most of a complex nature.  Such disputes are usually prime candidates for mediation and arbitration.  If you would like to set up a time to visit with Tom about your commercial dispute in the context of arbitration or mediation, you should contact him here.

Thomas E. Kurth Domestic & International Arbitrator & Mediator

As is the case with "Corporate Disputes", my experience teaches me that "Commercial Disputes" are commonly the subject of claims for breach of contract, breach of warranty (express or implied) and/or breach of fiduciary duty.  I have handled numerous such cases in my career which were varied by industry and type of claims.  I do not believe any them were inappropriate for arbitration and several were the subject of arbitration proceedings due to provisions for mandatory arbitration of any disputes under their contract(s).  Mediation of such disputes was common, and often successful in the resolution of the dispute.  With my experience in handling such disputes in numerous forums, including arbitration, I am confident that my experience as a lawyer in handling such disputes and my business acumen makes me competent in serving as an arbitrator or mediator of such disputes.